Kids One Day Pass 2024 (11 years and under)

£10.00 per person

Kids 1 day pass for Off-Road, must be 11 years and under.

Drumclog off-road centre is the LARGEST off-road centre in the UK. We have all types of terrains available and the site is accessible for all abilities, from the novice to the experienced off-roader. We are happy for all types of vehicles to use site including enduro/Mx bikes, 4×4 and quads (even tanks if you have one…..!)

We have invested heavily for this year and being able to open up again. New toilet and shower facilities are now on site. Please respect the use of these and keep them clean for all to use.

Please select the date below that you wish to visit and use your day pass.

Helmets, boots and gloves are mandatory for mx/enduro, and quad bikes. SxS/4×4 we advise helmets and harnesses are worn at all times.

No refunds within 7 days of arrival date.
No refunds for vehicle breakdowns on site or within 7 days of arrival

You will receive an order confirmation by email after your order has completed, please give order number and name on arrival to staff.

Please check our facebook page for updated information by clicking here. The site will be open from 9am each day. Stay safe!

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Kids one day pass 2024

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